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To better combine biodiversity conservation with ecosystem management that supports human health and well-being, a group of researchers has set out to quantify the impacts of forest diversity on human health.

The Dr. FOREST research project aims to:

  • Study the effects and underlying mechanisms with which tree diversity in temperate forests influences human health and well-being;
  • Understand and predict the effects of global climate change, air pollution and other change factors on biodiversity-related health issues;
  • Evaluate and define tree diversity benefits to human health and well-being, and communicate these findings to local and high-level international stakeholders.

Dr. FOREST research project will work with stakeholders from local to national to European scale. The project consists of tree diversity research sites that are spread out in different climatic regions of Central Europe, namely Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Poland.

Dr. FOREST seeks to develop useful decision tools and raise awareness of interlinkages of biodiversity and human health, and the need to better understand the effects and underlying mechanisms of tree diversity and human health and well-being.

Partners of Dr. FOREST project:

This project has received funding from Biodiversa.