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Publications of Dr. FOREST research

Jaroszewicz, B., O. Cholewińska, E. Chećko and M. Wrzosek (2021). “Predictors of diversity of deadwood-dwelling macrofungi in a European natural forest.” Forest Ecology and Management 490: 119123.

Kortmann, M., J. C. Müller, R. Baier, C. Bässler, J. Buse, O. Cholewińska, M. I. Förschler, K. B. Georgiev, J. Hilszczański, B. Jaroszewicz, T. Jaworski, S. Kaufmann, D. Kuijper, J. Lorz, A. Lotz, A. Łubek, M. Mayer, S. Mayerhofer, S. Meyer, J. Morinière, F. Popa, H. Reith, N. Roth, S. Seibold, R. Seidl, E. Stengel, G. J. Wolski and S. Thorn (2021). “Ecology versus society: Impacts of bark beetle infestations on biodiversity and restorativeness in protected areas of Central Europe.” Biological Conservation 254: 108931.

Marselle, M. R., T. Hartig, D. T. C. Cox, S. de Bell, S. Knapp, S. Lindley, M. Triguero-Mas, K. Böhning-Gaese, M. Braubach, P. A. Cook, S. de Vries, A. Heintz-Buschart, M. Hofmann, K. N. Irvine, N. Kabisch, F. Kolek, R. Kraemer, I. Markevych, D. Martens, R. Müller, M. Nieuwenhuijsen, J. M. Potts, J. Stadler, S. Walton, S. L. Warber and A. Bonn (2021). “Pathways linking biodiversity to human health: A conceptual framework.” Environment International 150: 106420.

Wojciech, W., W. Ewa, L. Marlena and B. Jaroszewicz (2021). “Fungal microbiota in seeds, seedlings and mature plants of raspberry (Rubus ideaus L.).” European Journal of Plant Pathology.


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